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Hydro-Jetting or water jetting is the use of extremely high pressure water to remove roots, debris and even grease from the inner walls and joints on sewer lines and mains. Hydro-jetting provides the maximum forward thrust to power through the blockages that are beyond the scope of ordinary drain cleaning.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Our trailer unit is capable of powering through blockages in pipes ranging from 1.5" all the way up to 24". This powerful equipment includes the latest in cleaning nozzles, and foot counter to ensure precision cutting at the right location.


If there is evidence of other problems with your sewer line, we also offer a state of the art video camera inspection service. This equipment allows us to diagnose any obstructions to the foot and create a full report complete with DVD.

Our Equipment

The difference between hydro-jetting and rootering a pipe is simple. The cutter on the front of a router can only cut what is in its path due to change in pipe diameter and direction change. With rootering the further the distance, the less tourque at the end of the cutter. Hydo-jetting uses a powerful forward stream of up to 4000 psi and constant pressure propelling it down the pipe, ripping through and breaking down any roots, grease or drbris.

The Hydro-jetting Advantage

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